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Phemium is selected as a technological telemedicine solution at Inforsalud 2015

PhemiumCostaisa will present its telemedicine platform today at the sessions that will take place concurrently with Inforsalud 2015, which will focus on m-health this year. Francesc Mateu, the corresponding manager, will give a presentation titled "Phemium: Personalised Telemedicine Scenarios" and also explain the keys to undertaking these types of projects and how to measure the results of their implementation.

Costaisa and its platform have been involved in most of the private telemedicine initiatives that have taken place in our country, and the entity has started to export its experience to France and Latin America. According to Mateu, "Our customers have been able to consider new business models by expanding their service offering, and we have been able to manage the resulting impact within each organisation as well as in its target market, which in most cases has increased exponentially."

The 150 healthcare providers that use Phemium comprise more than 1,000 doctors who work with the system for an average of over 2,000 consultations each month.