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Presentation of the 2021 BioRegion of Catalonia Report with the presence of three Costaisa Group companies

Biocat Landscape 2021

It has just been published and presented in society, the traditional "BioRegion Report", where a map of the main product and service companies in our country is published. In this edition, three Costaisa Group companies have been highlighted in different sections: Costaisa (Consulting services), Sisemed (Product engineering and technological services) and Bdnplus (Simulation and training).

This is the benchmark report for the life sciences and health sector in Catalonia, which is one of the driving sectors of our economy, where there is a consolidated industrial and service fabric, representing 8.7% of the GDP of Catalonia, with more than 1,300 companies and 244,000 people employed.

It also has an important entrepreneurial spirit. In recent years, a new company has been created per week on average, and medical technologies and digital health have been the subsectors that have attracted the most investment. Investment in health startups in Catalonia exceeded 200 million euros last year, with a significant weight of international venture capital.

The BioRegion Report of Catalonia is promoted by Biocat, CataloniaBio & HealthTech and ACCIÓ.