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Rafael Pardo holds the inaugural session of "Digital technologies for the optimization of health services" in Lima

Rafael Pardo en ponencia

Costaisa has been invited to participate in the event "Digital technologies for the optimization of health services" organized by the Peruvian Institute of Neurosciences (PIN), the San Pablo Catholic University and the San Ignacio de Loyola University, in Lima (Peru). Rafael Pardo, Senior Consultant in eHealth at Costaisa and a benchmark in digital health, has been invited as a speaker at the opening of the event.

The event was aimed at representatives of the Health Administration, as well as managers and directors of public and private clinics and hospitals in Peru, whom Pardo introduced to the trends that are developing in digital health globally, with changing points of care and an extended care experience, with the patient at the center of care.

He also presented practical applications such as new diagnostic tools using AI in retinal or ECG analysis, the use of PROM and PREM to practice value-based medicine and introduced the concept of ambient clinical intelligence, which is already a reality in an IPN project where Pardo also participates as an expert advisor.

Most technologies are within our reach, but according to our expert, "in digital health we must accompany the processes of change and ‘seduce users' to ensure adherence to digital platforms and their use".

On the other hand, Pardo participated in a round table with a representative of ESSALUD, Dr. Edén Galán from the public health system of Peru and Dr. David Lima, from the Peruvian Institute of Neuroscience as representative of the private sector, being Pardo representative of digital health solution providers.