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Sanicost: financial and facility management

SANICOST is the only health certified solution based on SAP for the management of financial (billing, accountin, supply) and supporting services (catering, cleaning, etc.) for all kinds of health centres.

Designed for medium size healthcare organisations, it can be potentially scalable to larger companies, as SAP is an integrating tool which can solve clinical and administrative management requirements adjusted to each business growth.


  • Standardisation of the centre non-healthcare processes
  • Data integration
  • Strategic decision-making based on valuable information
  • Resource optimisation
  • Cost reduction management 

Billing module:

  • Same contract including the clauses of billing to the Public Health Service
  • Previous lists to validate the generated activity
  • Removing activity and invoice files for the Public Health Service
  • Auto invoice checking
  • Billing for insurance companies with work, travel and medical coverage
  • Billing for private services
  • Billing for dental services

Stock management module:

  • Stock control and management allowing material tracking
  • Batch management with expiry date data
  • Drafting reports regarding materials and medicines, storage and inventory information
  • Pharmacy management

Medical fees module:

  • Procedure to control billing, service payments and external physicians fees (auto-invoice)

Financial management module:

  • Financial structure: company master data representing the centre's current financial status.
  • General accounting: accounting plan, general ledger accounts, line item display and modification, balance display, journal display, regular entries, balancing and closing operations.
  • Accounts receivable: debtors, advance payments, manual invoices, manual payments and automatic payment programs, manual compensation.
  • Accounts payable: creditors, advance payments, manual payments and payment programs, account compensation.
  • Fixed assets: fixed asset master data, fixed asset transactions (entries, removals and transfers), regular entries (repayments).
  • Treasury: bank statement, bank reports and treasury forecasting.

Management control module:

  • Cost class accounting: real costs controlled by cost class due to their nature.
  • Cost centre accounting: cost centre allocation, general cost estimated by nature and cost centre, budget analysis per cost centre.
  • Benefit centre accounting.
  • Result analysis: analytic result account to analyse profits or loss per sector.
  • Report management: SAP Business All_in_One has a great amount of reports at a controlling level (actual vs. budgeted costs, nature of costs, costs per business area, etc.)


Latest version:
V3.2 - 01/03/2016
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