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Private healthcare and digital health renew their vows

2017 Firma de Convenio ACES CostaisaAssociació Catalana d'Entitats de Salut (ACES) and Costaisa signed the renewal of their collaboration agreement today, linking the private health employer's association in Catalonia to Costaisa, the main global provider of health-related technology solutions.

Dr. Lluís Monset, Chief Executive of ACES, and Jordi Buisan, Director of Business Development at Costaisa, concluded the agreement, which has bound the two organisations for more than ten years, this morning.

Founded in 1977, ACES is an employers' association dedicated to the defence and promotion of labour, corporate and commercial rights of its 163 associate companies, and it is present in most bodies of institutional representation in the fields of health and social care in Catalonia.