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Silverlabnet: Laboratory Information System

InvestigadorSilverlabnet is a Laboratory Information System (LIS) for managing the activity of any type of laboratory, whether Haematology, Haemostasis, Biochemistry, RIA, EIA, Microbiology, Immunology, Pathology, Anticoagulant Therapy TAO, Methadone Therapy, etc.

It covers all needs in laboratories' daily routines, as well as including capabilities to manage healthcare visiting, billing, quality management, traceability of information and monitoring of activity at all stages of testing, and integrations with external laboratories and central systems.

It has a website where requests can be registered, reports printed and results analysed, and is adapted technologically to market standards, both in terms of its computing analysis and application and its underlying base technology.

It provides the scalability and re-configuration necessary to adapt any kind of analytical process at all stages of processing, and has been developed on an open platform capable of meeting current and future requirements in environments demanding high performance and functionality.

It can be configured for regional scenarios that share the same data: multiple hospitals, specialised outpatient and primary healthcare centres. It also includes multi-laboratory, multi-language and multi-centre management, which can be configured to fit different scenarios, conducts or processes for each of the same customer's departments or labs.


  • Common database Haematology, Haemostasis, Biochemistry, Microbiology, RIA, EIA, Immunology, etc.
  • Programme oriented around the patient and his medical record
  • Can connectwith any assayer on the market
  • Assay records available in all tasks
  • Independent technical and medical validations
  • Auto-validation according to in-house validation criteria: Delta Check and algorithms
  • Issues extraction sheets and worklists for bacteriology cultures
  • Configurable samples routes and serum library
  • Full traceability of changes and events by date, workstation, user, action, task, etc. 


Latest version:
V1.97.2 - 01/03/2017
More information:
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