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Suse includes as a best practice the implementation model of its products in Asepeyo

Portada de caso de éxito SUSE Asepeyo

SUSE, the most veteran company in the development of business Linux, has recognized the work carried out by Costaisa in migrating Asepeyo to a container-based architecture, which allows the delivery of new and updated applications to be accelerated, as well as improving stability and availability of digital services.

Asepeyo has a sophisticated corporate information system that meets the strictest standards of security, consistency and availability, to guarantee its service capacity. It provides healthcare and processes benefits for accidents at work and professional illnesses in collaboration with the Spanish Social Security system, providing coverage to more than 2.2 million workers employed by more than 267,000 companies.

In recent years, the mutual has made a clear commitment to automation tools and orchestration patterns to streamline the deployment and management of Kubernetes clusters, to provide a solid foundation for agile and continuous transformation, and is a new approach to application development.

With up to 99.9999% availability, Costaisa manages to keep vital services available to users at all times and provides a flexible foundation for ongoing digital transformation efforts. We are now managing all Kubernetes clusters, both development and production, from a single platform interface and supporting multiple strategic platforms.

Since 1968 we have been pioneers in the management of highly complex and high-performance information technology infrastructures, both in mainframe environments and in "pure" or hybrid cloud environments, with the main providers in the market. Costaisa is a SUSE Gold Partner for data center management and our renowned technical team is a regular guest at conferences and congresses organized by the community of enterprise Linux professionals.

Founded in 1915, Asepeyo currently employs more than 3,300 people in 142 health centers, 4 hospitals, 5 rehabilitation centers and dozens of administrative offices throughout the country.

With nearly two thousand employees, SUSE serves more than 15,000 companies in 34 countries, and is the oldest company in the development of enterprise Linux.