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Transition to the cloud, quantum computing and data science are the focus of the AWS Summit for EMEA

AWS Summit EMEACostaisa has attended the EMEA AWS Summit, where the American multinational brings together experts, partners and customers, to present its vision of the transition to the cloud and the novelties in its wide range of associated products and services. During the event, more than 80 breakout sessions have also been held on a wide range of topics, from new services and architectures to performance and operations.

The event was chaired by Deepak Singh, Vice President of IT Services, and closed by Tanuja Randery, Managing Director for Europe, Middle East and Africa, who gave an overview of the motivations behind leading customers migrating their infrastructure and service layer to AWS.

The transition to the cloud offers new opportunities to work differently. Opting for cloud infrastructures allows customers to adapt to challenges and take advantage of new opportunities, in an agile and flexible way.

Special mention has gone to quantum computing and data science, where AWS has put together an extensive and powerful suite of products and services to harness the power of data, uncover its untapped potential, and put it to work for business advantage.