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Workshop on the integration of healthcare information to establish the direction of CommH

Workshop CommHCostaisa has today held a workshop, which was open to its network of clients, in order to exchange experiences and receive improvement suggestions regarding DataConnect, its solution to integrating healthcare information. CommH allows mandatory data notifications to be sent to public authorities and insurance companies.

Jordi Campo, Olivia Cuenca and Carles Cortada, who are in charge of business development at Costaisa, and Daniel Alomar and Aníbal Pereira, members of the technical team, led the session at which eleven information system managers, working at important hospitals throughout Catalonia, were able to attend. The purpose was to analyse development proposals that have been compiled over recent months, including the implementation of the hospital discharge model by web service.

DataConnect combines the treatment system, the system for encoding and sending particular healthcare data, the CMBD (Minimum Basic Data Set) records management system (Emergencies, Hospitalisation, Social Health, Outpatients, PADES (Home Healthcare and Support Team Programme) and Primary Healthcare), Waiting List, Referrals, Arthroplasty and the PIUC (Comprehensive Emergencies Plan of Catalonia).

Furthermore, CommH allows users to send data regardless of the healthcare software used at each centre. It also includes a dynamics control and validation system based on the encoding rules that are used as standard in the market.