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Cloud services

logo awsWe are pioneers in the governance of highly complex and high-performance information technology (IT) infrastructures, both in mainframe environments, as well as "pure" or hybrid cloud, taking advantage of the best of each one. We know how to reconcile the advantages of the mainframe and the public and private cloud, to offer our clients the most agile, flexible, powerful and secure solution possible.

We accompany our clients in their transformation processes to the cloud, both in the configuration of their infrastructures and in the development of solutions that require consistency, high scalability and rapid deployment. We have extensive experience in transition projects, virtualization, mobilization and configuration of environments with the main providers in the market.

Our cloud-supported architecture models allow us to dimension and activate resources on demand, with full availability and as the business demands it: in a timely manner.

Among our most important business lines is the execution of legacy solutions modernization projects, in mainframe environments, where the transition to the cloud of the business core is an increasingly valued opportunity.

In addition, we are specialized in AWS its extensive layer of associated services. Our approach is to enable clients to be more agile through cloud infrastructure solutions, which are the essential starting point for the integration of cloud services in the IT ecosystem.

  • Provision of hybrid infrastructures or pure cloud.
  • Delegated server and storage administration.
  • Configuration of environments with high availability, safe and flexible.
  • Monitoring, operation and management of incidents.
  • Development and maintenance of cloud applications.
  • Database support, administration and maintenance.
  • Security and compliance consulting.
  • Preventive maintenance and proactive system optimization
  • Migration and modernization of legacy applications (Natural, Cobol and PL / I) to J2EE environments.
  • Cloud transition projects.
  • Change management and user support.