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CT-MAP: coding assistant in CIE-10

CT-MAP is a coding assistant for use in ICD-10-CM/PCS, which responds to the automatic coding needs of each of the different areas in the healthcare circuit.

It aids documentarians by providing a tool for assisted coding in ICD-10, since it is designed to implement coding in ICD-10 while maintaining the same levels of quality and productivity already currently offered in ICD-9-CM.

It automatically links local terminology used in its clinical and administrative records with standard terminology, thus enabling standardisation of clinical and administrative data. To do that, CT-MAP incorporates a terminology database with more than one and half million terms related with ICD-10.

It has a continuous system synchronisation and upgrade service, which facilitates the incorporation of new terms that expand it and increase the library of semantic relationships.
The search engine is based on advanced algorithms for approximate string matching, the effectiveness of which has been widely proven in automatic coding to various standards, such as ICD-10-ES.


Latest version:
V1.9 - 01/04/2017
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