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Docentis: a teaching portal for residents

Docentis is a specialised teaching solution developed to support the needs of the centre in the registration and monitoring of the activity of its Medical Residents (MIR), in a standardised format and on a single online platform that continuously adapts to the technical-legal requirements requested by the Administration.

It is based on the hospital environment, where these professionals are obliged to keep a record of all the care, teaching and research activities carried out during their training period. The resident can complete their resident book online, where they can also view their Individual Training Plan and rotations, and register for and access their tutorial meetings.

The tutor, meanwhile, can track the progress made by residents, manage their rotations and tutorials, and carry out annual, personalised assessments, as well as being able to automatically generate the annual tutorial report.

In this way, the procedures for accessing, monitoring and validating the training activities at the centres are substantially improved, and the data collection process is optimised and automated in a standardised and structured format. This reduces the information collection time during periods of evaluation and mandatory reporting to the Administration.


Latest version:
V2.0 - 17/01/2019
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