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MedHub: Interoperation Platform

MedHub is an integration and interoperation solution between medical equipment and information systems improving the Centre's operational efficiency. It allows to comply with market standards (SNOMED, HL7, XML, etc.) for the integration with any equipment, saving the costs associated to each manufacturer license.

In addition, it automates information exchange processes between equipments and systems, improving operational efficiency in the Centre, planning tasks and recording process tracking. It also extracts non-clinical information, controls equipment use and performance and integrates with the clinical safety validation equipments.


  • Tracking of all clinical, helathcare and management processes from the Centre
  • Information about equipment usage and planned actions
  • Improvement of security, control and tracking of data exchange between centres / within the Centre
  • Integration of features and management for different systems, types of equipment and manufacturers in a single management application
  • Communication expansion and non-clinical areas integration (on-line monitoring, sterilisation, maintenance, administration, etc.)
  • Audit of critical processes enabling reengineering: bottleneck detection and equipment availability
  • On-line accessibility of clinical records from any Centre/address


Latest version:
V3.2.1 - 01/02/2021
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