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Modernisation of information systems

Código fuente

We convert legacy applications based on Natural Adabas, Cobol or PL/I to J2EE environments and relational databases.

We have created Cenia, a platform for modernising legacy applications with Natural/Adabas technology that automatically compiles and converts both Natural code to Java and Adabas databases to relational, while preserving the existing business logic and human team.

We also have a network of partners who specialise in this type of technology, allowing us to take on international projects and to operate on international markets.

  • Heirloom: experts in the modernisation of Cobol applications to Java and the Cloud, creators of the Heirloom PaaS platform that automatically compiles and transforms mainframe applications.
  • Open: a Canary Island company founded in November 1996 that operates across Spain, specialising in IT services, products and technology projects offered to both the private and the public sector.
  • Synchrony: international consultants specialising in the transformation of business applications and creators of the Modernization Lifecycle Platform (MLP).

Why Costaisa

After close to half a century in the information technology sector and with a rotation rate of under 2%, we have managed to retain talent and consolidate experience year after year, building a human capital that is highly valued by our customers. We understand the industry and are experts in all technologies, regardless of manufacturer, making us a highly sought-after technological partner. As such, we are able to help our customers choose the best path to take, ensuring they make the most suitable and most profitable investments.

Our team are experts in the majority of technologies on the market today and in many that were, in their day, central to their respective digital transformations and which still play a key role at many organisations, thanks to their proven robustness and reliability.