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Nefrolab: Nephrology Service Management

Nefrolab is a modular management solution for processes involved in the Nephrology Service at any hospital. 

It allows the renal patient's clinical course to be monitored at all stages:

  • Acute episodes and Clinical Nephrology
  • Haemodialysis 
  • Peritoneal dialysis
  • Kidney transplant waiting list
  • Transplant monitoring

It answers the needs of clinical and administrative professionals as well as those of the centre's information systems, and it provides support for the communication needs required by scientific companies and other external organisations. 

In addition, it provides professionals (doctors, nurses and administrative staff) with tools for managing the operation of the service:

  • Dialysis room
  • Transplant candidate selection
  • Provides operational reports
  • Shift management


Latest version:
V2.2.1 - 06/10/2015
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