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Phemium: telemedicine platform

The aim of the Phemium platform is to provide with the necessary technology to implement quickly and affordable customised telemedicine scenarios ("patient-professional" and "professional-professional"), such as teleconsultation, telediagnose, telerehabilitation or telecare.



  • Teleconsultation between professionals and patients via videoconference or asynchronously
  • Remote monitoring of clinical parameters from the patient's home or other remote locations
  • Telerehabilitation with guided and monitored exercises
  • Remote or assisted emergency treatment (teleictus)
  • Teleasisstance through a specialised call center, geolocalization, route marking, availability control, etc.
  • Telehospitalisation with access to medical data and remote follow-up of chronic patients
  • Examinations and clinical assessment remotely


  • API at three levels (API data, API objects and API widgets) in the whole Phemium platform (portals, console and backoffice) so the companies can carry out the integrations they require
  • Our team of developers are specialised in supporting integrations to implement web services, use API and facilitate the interoperability of systems developed by third parties
  • We offer Apps (forms, file medical image viewer, telemonitoring systems and real-time vital sign systems, etc.), which are accessible through the Phemium platform during the consultations or the patient portal. 


Latest version:
V2.20 - 05/02/2020
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