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Sapasfact: electronic invoicing

Based on Saperion, a world leader in Enterprise Content Management (ECM) solutions, Sapasfact is the Costaisa solution that covers all aspects of managing the supplier invoicing process for any health centre: capture, storage, filing, distribution, validation and integrated accounting with SAP.

It provides us with an efficient management model with fast automation, standardization and efficiency in its non-healthcare-related, administrative and financial processes, thereby facilitating information control.

The system captures suppliers' invoices and carries out automatic recognition of the information using OCR. It also carries out the first stage of the certification and authentication process for paper invoices.


  • Implements workflows in healthcare facilities
  • Guarantees traceability and legal management of the documents throughout their whole life cycle.
  • Simplifies sorting and storage of all documents relating to clients, projects, staff, etc.
  • Automates document filing according to business needs
  • Adapts to the pre-existing technological infrastructure


Latest version:
V5.0.12 - 01/02/2022
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