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Silverbank: Blood Bank management system

PlasmaSilverbank is a Blood Bank management system covering the entire process from extraction to labelling, supply and transfusion. It is specifically designed for managing data generated from different donors, pre-donors and recipients.


  • Transfusion action management 
  • Control of transfusion, conventional and paediatric testing
  • Manual or electronic requesting of blood products to suppliers
  • Registers pre-donations, autologous and directed blood donations
  • Labels of samples for crossmatches, serology, etc.
  • Schedulesreservations of blood products for transfusion
  • Validation and traceability in all stages of transfusion
  • Analytical and transfusion case records
  • Statistics logs for all parameters
  • Management of stock of blood products from multiple sources
  • Expiry date monitoring
  • Billing of transfusions
  • HL7 interface with central or external systems
  • Web access to analytical and transfusion data. 


Latest version:
V1.0 - 21/06/2016
More information:
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