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Productos ámbito asistencial

Care Management

We implement care management solutions:

Chaman is an integrated information and hospital management system to be used in any healthcare centre or corporation. It provides an Electronic Clinical History solution which can be either web or... more information »

Phemium manages the relationship between any health provider and their patients, fully integrated with the HIS and the patient area. It offers a teleconsultation environment and interaction tools... more information »

Gestpath is a management solution for Anatomical Pathology laboratories that covers the entire workflow associated with the study of anatomical pathology and is integrated with all laboratory... more information »

OntoCRF is a tool that centralises data collection in a structured manner through ontology design, formalising and expressing the content, concepts and relationships in a field of interest.... more information »

Nefrolab is a modular management solution for processes involved in the Nephrology Service at any hospital. more information »

MedHub is an integration and interoperation solution between medical equipment and information systems improving the Centre’s operational efficiency. It allows to comply with market standards... more information »