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Productos económico financieros

Management and finance

We provide care management and financial solutions:

Docentis is a specialised teaching solution developed to support the needs of the centre in the registration and monitoring of the activity of its Medical Residents (MIR), in a standardised format... more information »

Based on Saperion, a world leader in Enterprise Content Management (ECM) solutions, Sapasfact is the Costaisa solution that covers all aspects of managing the supplier invoicing process for any... more information »

SANICOST is the only health certified solution based on SAP for the management of financial (billing, accountin, supply) and supporting services (catering, cleaning, etc.) for all kinds of health... more information »

DataConnect is a multi-device solution to integrate healthcare information, which integrates the business rules to abstract data sets: finance, income cycles, supply chain, clinical operations,... more information »

Bold WorkPlanner is a human resources planning tool that allows an optimal assignment of activities to persons and an efficient management of related incidences. more information »

ScoM allows an efficient management of certification and quality management processes for healthcare organisations, by assisting decision making relating to commitment, control and corporate... more information »