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Bold WorkPlanner: human resources planning

Bold WorkPlanner is a human resources planning tool that allows an optimal assignment of activities to persons and an efficient management of related incidences.


  • Optimal assignment of staff activities taking into account this persons skills and hospital criteria
  • The planning algorithm is configurable, flexible, powerful and fast 
  • It is capable of automating the majority of planning tasks
  • Integrated planning with corporate systems (payroll, attendence control, job notice boards, training, etc.)
  • Efficient management of shifts and incidences
  • Creation of simulated scenarios to assist in decision making: future personnel contracting needs and support in budgeting and business decisions
  • Strategic visualization of KPI: deficits and surpluses of personnel, control of attendance without assigned activity, etc.
  • Reports and control of completed activities
  • Management of employee counters & metrics: overtime, absenteeism, etc.
  • Incident approval workflow
  • Movement of personnel between different units to cover deficits of one area with surpluses of another
  • Automatic generation of schedules which adapt to the needs of the service
  • Standard integration with corporate information systems using SOA (webservices, XML)
  • Certified integration with SAP


Latest version:
V7.96 - 20/06/2018
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