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Sanicost: billing and provisioning

Sanicost is a management solution to cover the administrative processes of the health sector, billing and internal procurement, which are not covered by a traditional ERP. It is developed on the SAP Business Technology Platform development platform with S/4 HANA services, and can be integrated with any HIS and ERP on the market.

We cover all the billing processes of a healthcare center, associated with the activity generated and the agreed conditions, individual and by team, and issuance of self-invoicing, with calculation of commissions on medical equipment.

It also allows the management of healthcare benefits and the allocation of billable products (outpatient care, hospitalization, surgical intervention or emergency) and management by center or type of client, organized based on the coverage plan, economic classification and validity.

Solve billing with CatSalut, including:

  • Validation of activity organized by center, type of billing and status
  • Simulation by range and type of billing
  • Activity loading in simulation and deferred update
  • Generation of activity file by grouping
  • Integration of the CatSalut activity file and monitoring of acceptance and errors
  • Correction of non-conformities

It also has an independent procurement portal from SAP to request the material assigned to Purchasing at its delivery point, and is also connected to smart warehouses.


Latest version:
V4 - 01/01/2021
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